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You awaken in a virtual world, with no memories but that of your friend. Somehow you know they're in the same situation as you. Send them photos with your patented 思-brand camera to help them remember who they are.


Lost Nostalgia is a cooperative game that takes place over two rounds. In the first round, memories of your friend's likes and dislikes will scroll across the ticker at the top of your screen. It's your job to send them 5 photos that remind them of who they are. Carefully compose shots while exploring the environment to wordlessly communicate with them. 

When using the camera, hold right mouse button to focus with your camera, then press left mouse button to take a photo. You can press Q to swap your lens between Standard, Zoom, and Wide Angle. While looking through your camera, use the scroll wheel to zoom in and out. 

After time expires, the next round begins. You and your friend will swap locations and be able to see all the photos they took. Navigate the environment and use the hints they sent you to score points by "liking" or "disliking" the objects you find. Get close to an object and press Q to "like" it or E to "dislike" it. 

Every correct answer scores you a point. Try your best to infer what your friend meant with each picture.


Lost Nostalgia currently has two maps, Map I: "Sora City", and Map II: "Lonely Resort". You can freely roam these levels and practice photography by choosing the Explore option on the main menu.


NOTE: This game requires the use of server software in order for multiplayer to function. We will post a notice when it is ready. Until then, please enjoy the Explore mode.


Lost Nostalgia was created for the 2021 Global Game Jam. The theme was "Lost & Found". 

StatusIn development
Rated 4.5 out of 5 stars
(2 total ratings)
AuthorMoonMuse Jams
Tagscooperative, Multiplayer, photography, PSX (PlayStation), vaporwave


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Ummm, quick question, (im probably gonna look really stupid asking this) but i kinda cant open the game. when i download it, it comes as a .ara and i dont know how to open the game

.RAR files need to be unpacked with a program like WinRAR. From there, simply click the shortcut labeled 'LostNostalgia'.

Alright, thanks a lot for the help bud


Added to collection so I can come back again when the server is up!


Great game! I love the vaporwave aesthetic. The complete game should get even better.

Glad you enjoyed it!